Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet Abby...

Been awhile...

Well alot has happened since last time I posted on Zoe and Ariel's blog. We have had a tough year. We unfortunately lost Ariel on June 23rd to kidney failure. She was only 2 1/2 yrs old. She didnt suffer and was playing up until her last day. She was my angel, my friend, my baby girl and she was taken from me way to soon. She was the happiest dog I have ever had...she didn't know she was sick...all she knew was that she was loved.

Zoe lost her best friend that day and was extremely depressed. She didn't understand why Ariel was there anymore and would look for her when I came home from work. It was heartbreaking.

So a week later we decided to adopt another boxer from We choose Abby a one year old flashy fawn female that was surrendered to the rescue in Connecticut. The reason given was that her owner's house was being foreclosed on and she had to give her up.

Anyways, we drove 2 hours to NYC to meet the rescue volunteer and pick up Abby. She was so cute...and skinny when we got here. We had some trying times with her...she wasn't house trained and Zoe did not take to her right away.

So fast forward 6 months later and they are now best friends, spoiled rotten, and just happy boxers.

So looking back at 2007... it was filled with heartbreak and joy.

Now we are on to 2008...hopefully nothing but joy this year.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Well me and my sister Ariel went to agility class...I like to call it social hour. Mommy said we did great, we met lots of new friends , we got to play on all kinds of neat things, and the best part we got tons of yummylicious treats! My sister didnt do as well as me, she was scared of the bridge thingy and the A-frame. But she eventually did it with lots of treats and some coxing from me and mommy. I wasnt allowed to play with the other dogs tho, mommy said it wasnt play time but time to learn. So she says we get to go back next week and have more fun. Daddy forgot to take pictures of us...maybe next week. Bye for now!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tonight's the night!

Mommy says tonight me and Ariel get to go to something called beginner agility class, whatever that is! She said it's gonna be lots of fun and there are gonna be lots of other dogs and people for us to play with! She also said we have to be on our best behavior, no fooling around and embarrassing her and daddy. Yeah right! Daddy says he's gonna take the camera so he can show everyone how good we did! Anywho...gotta go take a nap now. Check back tomorrow to see how we did!